IP Crime
With the advent of the Internet and the internationalization of trade and technology, product counterfeiting and copyright piracy is a significant problem in virtually all areas of industry. Today, the fight against counterfeiters and pirates is an international problem of massive scale, and solutions must extend beyond civil enforcement. From actively lobbying for improvement in Canada’s anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy laws, policies and environment, to obtaining precedent-setting damages and restitution orders against counterfeiters, the goal of Smart & Biggar’s anti-counterfeiting group is to provide efficient and expert advice and service to cost effectively protect intellectual property rights holders against IP crime.

The members of our IP Crime group are among the most prominent and experienced in Canada. With leading practitioners residing in Canada’s largest cities, decades of combined experience appearing before federal and provincial courts in intellectual property (IP) matters, and a vast array of anti-counterfeiting contacts nationwide and worldwide, we have been able to develop a unique approach in the fight against IP Crime that is unmatched by our peers.