We are proud to provide clients with the extensive knowledge and experience of Canada's largest patent group in the electrical, electronic and computer technology field. Each member of this group possesses at least a degree in electrical engineering, systems design engineering, physics, computer science or a related field. Many have Ph.D.s or other advanced degrees. In addition to their academic training, many of our professionals have industry experience, including experience with leading semiconductor, telecommunications, or electronics organizations. Furthermore, we have long standing and extensive relationships with clients in the telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace and automotive engineering industries. Many of our professionals also have years of advisory and litigation experience with patent, trademark and copyright issues. We are able to offer pre-litigation opinions, and highly technical litigation support.                          

Example market segments and technologies with which the group has had significant experience include:
  • computers and peripherals, including computer architecture, processors and computer components
  • internet services, including business methods and web applications
  • software, including patents involving algorithms and interfaces               
  • semiconductors including integrated circuit design, systems on a chip, DSP design, and device fabrication
  • telecommunications including switches, systems and components, opto-electronics, encryption, speech recognition, data transfer protocols, and cellular technologies
  • manufacturing, including computer aided design, manufacturing, and robotics
  • industrial electronics, including power electronics, distribution and generation systems
  • electromechanical devices, components and systems, including control systems