Chemical & Industrial Biotechnology

Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh has assembled a professional staff with extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property law and practice as it relates to chemical technologies and industrial biotechnology.

We have been on the leading edge of innovation and change relating to chemical patent protection for over a century, and have been on the leading edge of biotechnology innovation since its advent. We have expertise across the chemical field, including polymer chemistry, chemical processing and synthesis, materials science, organic and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, biological chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and nanotechnology. Our team also includes experts in biotechnology, with expertise in areas such as bioprocessing, biomaterials (including bioplastics and biopolymers), biofuels, enzymes for industrial application, and the like.

The combination of extensive expertise and advanced technical training in relevant subspecialties enables us to offer outstanding services for the protection of chemical inventions and industrial biotechnology innovation, be it in respect of patent drafting and prosecution, acquisition or licensing of new technologies, or strategic management of international patent portfolios.